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Achilles Dreams of Ebbets Field, commissioned by Kathleen Supové, June 2014.

solo piano, 105'

Sky Madrigal, commissioned by the Cabrillo Festival of Contemporary Music, March 2014.

orchestra (3-3-3-0, 2-2-1-1, 2 perc, 2 toy pianos, pno, str.), 13'

The Bakkhai, commissioned by Contemporaneous and the Bard College Classics Program, March 2013.

3 sopranos, tenor, 2 ob, vlc, cb, re-tuned piano, 2 perc. 30'

        Listen: Bakkhai — 1st Chorus

                     Bakkhai — 3rd Chorus

                     Bakkhai — 7th Chorus

                            performed by Contemporaneous


Gone, Gone, Gone, commissioned by the Del Sol String Quartet, December 2012.

string quartet, 16'

        Peruse Score: Gone, Gone, Gone (Score)

        Listen: Gone, Gone, Gone

                            performed by Alex Fager, Finnegan Shanahan, Sarah Haines, and Dylan Mattingly

Invisible Skyline, commissioned by the Berkeley Symphony, December 2012.

orchestra (2-2-2-2, 2-2-3-0, 1 perc, hp, pno, str.), 27'

        Peruse Score: Invisible Skyline (Score)

I Was a Stranger, commissioned by John Adams and Deborah O'Grady for the Cabrillo Festival of Contemporary Music, August 2012.

orchestra (3-3-3-3, al. sax, 4-4-3-1, 4 perc, hp, pno, str.), 12'

There is Another Sky, commissioned by ALEA III, March 2012.

chamber orchestra, 10'

Atlas of Somewhere on the Way to Howland Island, commissioned by Contemporaneous, February 2011.

chamber orchestra, 36'

        Listen: Atlas of Somewhere On the Way to Howland Island, II. Islanded in a Stream of Stars

                            performed by Contemporaneous

Six Night Sunrise, commissioned by the Lake Champlain Chamber Music Festival, June 2010.

violin and piano, 10'

        Listen: Six Night Sunrise (Music of Barges and Metallic Stars)

                        performed by Sabrina Tabby and Mayumi Tsuchida

A Way A Lone A Last A Loved A Long the Riverrun, commissioned by Contemporaneous, May 2010.

bsn, vln, vlc, cb, perc., 15'

Lighthouse (Refugee Music by a Pacific Expatriate), commissioned by Contemporaneous, March 2010.

amplified string quintet, 13'

        Listen: Lighthouse (Refugee Music by a Pacific Expatriate)

                        performed by Contemporaneous

Nobody, Not Even the Rain, Has Such Small Hands, for the Da Capo Players, October 2009.

fl, cl, vln, vlc, pno. 9'

Dreams and False Alarms, August 2009.

two pianos, one tuned down a quarter tone. 20'